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Puregene AG

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Puregene is a breeding company specialized in creating the highest quality cannabis genetics. Our company produces a portfolio of proprietary traits, strains, and varieties to meet the demand of the dynamic cannabis marketplace. Beyond our catalog we offer custom genetics where we tailor varieties to meet our clients desired needs and specifications. It is the first company worldwide to apply the full set of state-of-the-art, non-GMO, breeding technologies to cannabis. Puregene’s speed-breeding approach allows for the assembly of cannabis’ suite of complex traits in a multitude of different combinations. This targeted breeding approach reduces the random effects of traditional breeding. Therefore, Puregene produces novel genetics rapidly and predictably. As a pioneer in developing modern cannabis genetics, Puregene is constructing an unprecedented elite variety portfolio. Puregene maintains its role as a global industry leader by leveraging its partnerships with industrial and academic partners including ETH Zürich.

Puregene AG

Pure Core Genetics©

is our proprietary germplasm designed from strategic crosses of the most desired strains on the market and unique landraces to maximize the genetic traits that can be incorporated into our client’s strains or improve our elite lines.

Pure Trait Discovery©

is our proprietary technology we use to find the novel genetics in our genetically diverse cannabis populations

Pure Genomics©

leverages the most extensive cannabis genome sequence to guide our molecular breeding technologies. This allows for the best genetic selection of traits, and accurate prediction of important chemotypes, phenotypes, flavor profiles and agronomic traits

Pure Trait Generator©

 is our proprietary technology that we deploy to combine genetics, develop novel patented traits, and assemble multiple traits into our elite lines in a non-GMO manner.

Pure Selector©

is our digital high-throughput selection platform, which rapidly phenotypes large numbers of plants. This platform is the final step we use to ensure our clients only receive the highest quality and stable genetics.

Unprecedented genetic insight

Using the most modern DNA technologies we have completely sequenced the genomes of a range of cannabis varieties. This powerful proprietary pangenomic resource allows for the identification of causal genetic regions controlling desirable traits and the rapid compilation of new cannabis genomes. In addition, it enables fingerprinting of our lines to ensure stability, quality and the protection of our customers’ investment.

Precision phenotyping and chemotyping

Our cannabis varieties are subjected to rigorous quantitative phenotyping which measures dozens of individual traits. Additionally, our advanced chemotype analytics measure hundreds of individual metabolites. This facilitates the precise tailoring of cannabinoid, terpenoid, and flavonoid profiles of our customers’ varieties while constantly improving the agronomic characteristics.

Cutting edge breeding

Leveraging our genomics, phenotyping, and analytics our molecular breeding platform eliminates the randomness of classical breeding. This enables the highly predictable creation of superior elite varieties as well as made-to-order varieties constructed based on the specifications of a client.

What this means for our client

Discovery – As new research is conducted by the community and within Puregene, new traits can be introduced into our elite lines or those of a customer.

Speed – Our predictable, genomics-based breeding and high-throughput phenotyping ensures the fastest time-to-market possible and allows for rapid adaptation to changing regulatory and market conditions.

Value – Our breeding program guarantees leading genetics providing improved agronomic traits, desirable flavors, and tailored cannabinoids to suit their specific requirements


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