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Cannabis Farm

Cannabis Farm Zeiningen


The Cannabis Farm in Zeiningen is the first hemp adventure and experience park in Switzerland where hemp is cultivated on over 25000 square meters, using professional indoor, greenhouse & outdoor infrastructure. Our nursery is divided up in rearing- flowering- & genetic research departments.

In the middle of May our outdoor season starts and we plant over 20’000 hemp clones! Until August, the plants grow in size. During the month of August, the plants then stop growing bigger and the flowering period begins. This means the flowers (“buds”) start growing, they are getting heavier and bigger every day. Finally, in October, after almost 6 months of accompanying the plants through different growth stages, it is time for the bountiful harvest of the almost 3 meter tall plants.

Since the opening of our freely accessible adventure park last year, we recorded about 15’000 people visiting our production site. By appointment we offer professional guided tours of our company, presenting all our activities and processes, and informing you on the broad topic of cannabis. Our target is to inform the people about hemp and its many advantages.

As independent market leader we serve the entire value chain, from seed to shelf. To us it is key, that 100% of our Pure Europe products available on our homepage, are produced on our hemp park in Zeiningen. Besides our hemp cultivation, we run our own professional laboratory on site, where we are producing our premium CBD-Oil, extracting the active substances from raw material and refining the extracts. We also do analytical testing in our laboratory.


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