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We intend to permanently change the Cannabis landscape in Europe and worldwide.

Support of cannabis regulation and pesticide free production

Our first advances are directed towards norming the Cannabis production in collaboration with industry partners and the Swiss ISO representative SNV. We have initiated several initiatives in our home country to improve the visibility of the Cannabis production and to educate the public on the various benefits of Cannabis.

We are pioneering in pesticide free Cannabis production, relying on pest management principles that are outlined in our organic production principles. This is why we, Pure Europe, are actively involved in Switzerland’s first established industry association IG Hanf, where we are engaged as a Founding & Executive Board Member.

IG Hanf represents and supports the club members and the industry itself and acts as an interface to authorities and offices. Another core task of the IG Hanf is the sensitization of the population around the topic Cannabis, including its big range of advantages and utilizations.

Pure Europe is fully committed to regulate the Swiss Cannabis market and is working hard on a compromise solution that represents all the interests of the actors and parties involved. To this end, Pure Europe supports the current popular initiative and provides all the necessary resources that are needed for a national majority.

Organic production principles

From the beginning, we have realized that cultivating the safest Cannabis possible is key. To achieve this we have adopted organic production principles and we do not use synthetic pesticides. We manage the pests and diseases of our plants with beneficial insects and fungi that support the plant growth and health. Moreover, we rotate our outdoor crops to maintain soil fertility and we have ongoing organic fertilization experiments.

Food law certified

Our laboratory and packaging lines observe the Swiss food laws and we have established all standard operating procedures (SOPs) according to which we run our packaging, the analytical laboratory and our extraction facility. We control the whole manufacturing process from seed to shelf. All solvents we use are food-grade and we strive for solvent free extractions wherever possible and we are proud to say our CBD products are the highest quality you can buy.

Guaranteed concentration

Our analytical laboratory tests every lot or batch of all our products on two different chromatographs. Thereafter, we verify our results by having our products tested in an external laboratory before we release our CBD products. Our standard testing procedure for every batch covers over ten Cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDA, THC, THCA, CBG, CBGA and CBN, to make sure we offer you the best products available. We provide accurate concentrations for every product and they can be easily recalled online by entering their LOT numbers.

100% Swiss quality

We only produce our Cannabis in Switzerland, which allows us to maintain our high production standards and closely monitor our production. We produce Cannabis on several hectares in controlled indoor conditions, glasshouses equipped with light deprivation systems and on outdoor fields. Also, all post-harvest processes – the drying, curing – and all processing – extractions, packaging and bottling – are performed in Switzerland.


Our story will go on, we keep pushing the limits.

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