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Holding Structure old

Pure Holding AG
Alpenstrasse 11
CH-6300 Zug

The Pure Holding Inc. reflects the foundation of each holding structure.

Based in Zug, it presents the core of all the Pure companies. At present, Pure Holding Inc. holds 4 different companies. Pure Production Inc., DEOM Inc., Pure Europe and Pure Cannabis Research Inc.

Pure Production AG
Etzmatt 273
CH- 4314 Zeiningen

Pure Production Inc. is based in Zeiningen, Aargau. It produces CBD on three different divisions. Indoor, greenhouse and outdoor. This on a surface area bigger than 23’000 square meters. Pure Production Inc. has been the first established company in the Pure family. It is also known as the “Hanfhof” which can be translated to “Cannabis Farm”. It represents much more than a production site. It offers the opportunity to experience the whole process of the CBD production to anybody who is interested. It offers the people different relax zones, where they can enjoy their time on the biggest CBD land of Switzerland.

Deom Production AG
Bremgartenstrasse 15
CH-5525 Fischbach-Göslikon

DEOM Inc. is the second production site of Pure Holding Inc. It is the largest CBD indoor hall in Europe which is located in Fischbah-Göslikon. It produces high quality indoor CBD on a platform bigger than 5’000 square meters. The planned and implemented structuring of this hall enables and guarantees efficient and high-quality production. DEOM Inc. is 100% owned by Pure Holding Inc.

Pure Cannabis Research AG
Alpenstrasse 11
CH-6300 Zug

Pure Cannabis Research Inc. completes the overarching competencies of Pure Holding Inc. Pure Holding Inc. maintains one of the largest collections of CBD Cannabis varieties. However, the need for improved elite Cannabis varieties was soon recognized and brought Pure Cannabis Research Inc. to life, an affiliate company of Pure Holding AG.

Pure Cannabis Research Inc. is at the forefront of Cannabis breeding. Its genomic selection speed-breeding approach allows the combination of any characteristics of the Cannabis plants. In collaboration with the prestigious university ETH Zürich, several Cannabis genomes are fully sequenced. Based in Switzerland, the available infrastructure and combination of expertise allows for unprecedented breeding results.

Pure Europe Sarl
Route de Thionville 304
L-5884 Howald

Pure Europe Sarl is the result of a strategically essential decision. Since the launch of Pure Production Inc., Pure Holding Inc. has always sold all its products exclusively in Switzerland. With the increase in demand from the EU countries, a new market potential has been established. The large demand from abroad confirmed the strategy of a subsidiary like Pure Europe. Based in Luxembourg, it is located in a geographically optimal, politically secure and economically efficient location. Pure Europe is 100% owned by Pure Holding Inc.

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