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Pure production has its own analytical laboratory to identify and determine the concentration of various constituents, including cannabinoids and terpenes, in all its products.


Pure Production Inc. offers all customers 100% transparency on all products. Our value and tracking chain is unique and allows you to recall the respective certificate of analysis of your product. Just enter the LOT on the packaging.

Area of Our main tasks are


In-house analysis of various cannabis constituents of all our products.


Method development for new innovative products.


Including large scale preparation and purification of products.


Thanh Dang

Tasks: Analytics, Method development, Purification of products

E-mail: dang@pureproduction.ch

Citizenship: Swiss, German

Languages: German, Swiss German (mother tongues), French (fluent; bilingual) English (fluent), Vietnamese (good), Swedish (basics)

Education: M. Sc. The University of Oxford–UK (2015-2016; Medicinal Chemistry), University of Stockholm – Sweden (2014-2015; Neurochemistry with Molecular Neurobiology) ,University of Basel – Switzerland (2013-2015; Chemical Biology). B. Sc. University of Fribourg – Switzerland (2010-2013; Chemistry (Major) and Biochemistry (Minor) ). Matura (High school), Kantonsschule Willisau – Switzerland (2004-2010; Biochemistry (Major), Physics (Minor).

Yannik Schlup

Tasks: Intermediation, process planning and method development of the extraction and separation procedures to produce food grade full spectrum Cannabis extract, THC-free extracts and isolates (CBD, Terpenes, Lipids etc.). Intellectual property matters.

E-mail: schlup@pureproduction.ch

Citizenship: Swiss

Languages: Swiss German, German, English, French (all fluent).

Education: ETH Zürich – Zurich (2016 – 2018; Masters Degree Agronomical Sciences), ETH Zürich – Zurich (2011 – 2016; Bachelors Degree in Agronomical Sciences), Bern-Neufeld – Berne (2009 – 2011; Matriculation, Major in biology and chemistry)

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