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Raw Material

We collaborate with business partners all over europe and supply them with our finest CBD products in wholesale. 100% of all our products are cultivated or manufactured on our Hemp Farm and are produced without any sort of pesticide or unhealthy ingredients. We invite you to visit us and our production site at any time! Find out below, which products you can purchase in bulks

Pure Distillates & Isolates

Pure Production’s distillates and isolates are of the highest quality.

Offering broad and full spectrum.

Pure Productions AG - Pure Destillate & Isolate

CBD Flowers

Pure Production is specialized in the cultivation of CBD flowers and uses professional infrastructure of Indoor, Greenhouse & Outdoor.

We offer our clients to the law according CBD flowers with THC content of below 1%, 0,6% and 0,2% –


Pure Production is famous for their finest CBD Oil, produced in our own certified Laboratory on the Hemp Farm in Zeiningen.

We supply the oil with THC Content of below 1%, 0,6% and 0,2% in Bulks or already bottled and if desired white labled.

Extracts/ CBD Crystals

Pure Production is specialised in hemp extraction and uses latest
technologies for it.

In our certified laboratory we produce purely 99%
CBD crystals & full spectrum honey.

Pure Europe company network

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